Writing a good blog post

Writing a great blog post

Here are some links to advice on to how to write a good blog post

Giving credit where it is due

And here is a link to an article by TeacherMom at Blogging2Learn explaining how to give credit for quotes and pictures in your blog.

She writes:

“For a short quote, link the blogger’s name back to his main blog page, and then also give the name of the article you are quoting, and link that back to the article itself. (See example.)

For longer quotations, be generous with the links, as described above. But also take the time to explain what you liked or didn’t like about the article, what you agreed with, and what you would do differently. (See example.)

The best way to find dramatic photos that are safe to post on your blog is to use the Flickr Creative Commons (Attribution) Search.

Creative Commons Attribution = You may change the image however you like (for instance, by cropping or adding text), but you must tell (and link to) the person who created the original. “


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