Final project resources

Here are links to resources to help you develop your final project.

  •  A tutorial on how to use Photo Story 3. You can use this free software to create a presentation using pictures with voice over and background music. You can google online to find more information about Photo Story and also see examples. Here are some examples of Photo Stories made by students: History of immigration in the USAThe Struggle for Education;
  • Mini-documentary: For those of you familiar with video recording, you can also consider making a short documentary. You can use your digital camera to do video recording and edit using software such as Imovie and Windows Movie Maker. Here is an example of one made by two students about Women and Poverty. 
  • Infographic poster: Infographic is a great way to present data visually and in a compact and powerful way. There are many free software available to help you generate graphs and illustrations such as Info.gram and Piktochart. You can find more information here.  Here is one example of an infographic poster, this one is on Mental Illness. More examples here on Pinterest.
  • Forum Theater
  • Comic illustration
  • A short story (cerpen)
  • Other creative outputs….

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