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 Sebagaimana yang sering kita dengar, baca daripada surat khabar, berita dan lain-lain medium, isu pelarian ini sering kali menjadi buah mulut masyarakat apabila isu ini dimainkan atau dibincangkan. Rata-rata ahli masyarakat menyatakan pendapat mereka dengan memberikan kritikan terhadap kerajaan dalam membantu untuk mneyelamatkan mangsa-mangsa pelarian yang datang ke Malaysia. Dan ada juga sebahgian daripada mereka yang bersetuju dan memberikan sokongan kepada pihak kerajaan. Dalam hal ini, kritikan yang sering disuarakan ialah masyarakat tidak mahu pelarian ini mendominasi negara, pelarian menggugat keselamatan negara dan juga pelarian menyebabkan ketidak stabilan dalam politik yang menyebabkan mereka ini sering diberi perhatian oleh ahli-ahli politik. Dalam hal pearian ini, sebagai manusia kita hendaklah membantu mereka yang dalam kesusahan dan bukan hanya berfikiran negatif terhadap mereka. Pelarian adalah mereka yang terdiri daripada negara lain dan datang ke Malaysia untuk mendapatkan perlindungan. Mereka ini adalah daripada golongan yang memerlukan perlindungan, tempat yang lebih selamat untuk tinggal. seharusnya, masyarakat memandang hal in dengan merasai apa itu perikemanusiaan terhadap kita sesama manusia. adakah anda sanggup melihat mereka tersiksa? masyarakat seharusnya empati dengan isu ini untuk mereka lebih memahami mengapa kita perlu menghulurkan bantuan. ‘JANGANLAH MEMANDANG MEREKA DENGAN PANDANGAN YG NEGATIF ,SEBALIKNYA PANDANGLAH MEREKA SEPERTI MANUSIA YANG MEMPUNYAI SATU RASA YG SAMA DGN KITA’.


The Life of Refugees in Malaysia

Surviving in the City: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Refugees from Myanmar that stayed in Malaysia is no longer a new issue nowadays. It was existed since many years ago. However, non of us was care about this issue and what are the problems that actually faced by those refugees. In contrast, we Malaysian were behave like not really welcoming them to our country and in fact, our country don’t have a refugees camp to settle down them. Besides, there are no legal or administrative frameworks in place in the country in order to address the refugee situation. Therefore, there are bunch of illegal or undocumented refugees were stayed and work in Malaysia.

From the video that I shared here, it talks about the life of a Burmese refugee and his family that stayed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for years. At the beginning of the video, it shows that a whole family members were squeezed in a small room and there are 25 refugees were live together in an apartment with limited space. Besides, one soup and rice are shared with six people! I was wondering that is it enough for them especially the children that still in the developmental stage which they need a lot of nutrition for growing up process.

Furthermore, the refugees are always felt lack of secure. They fear of living in prison again, they fear of abused by the employer or local people, they fear of arrested…In this kind of unfamiliar environment, no one can understand them, no one they can find for help. One of the biggest reasons of course is the language barrier. Refugees are differ from migrants. Migrants still have the protection from their home country, but refugees are not. They have no guarantee for safety life. It was sad to say that the basic needs of human which is the security, refugees can’t own it.

In conclusion, what the refugees want is just a peaceful life and a nationality. Why can’t we just lend our hands to them and leave the prejudice aside? images