Blogging guidelines

Your blog entry should be between 250-300 words (it is okay to be a little longer but not too much).

Your blog entry MUST include four required elements:

  1. A discussion of a concept or topic from the course reading
  2. Relating that concept to news or information that you have read/observed/researched outside the class reading (eg. from newspapers, articles, other class reading, from a documentary you just watched, from other websites)
  3. A minimum of one video or picture
  4. One question or issue about the subject matter that you want to explore further or raise for discussion

Class discussion questions can be used as as a starting point for your blog topic but you do not have to answer all the questions. The questions are meant to inspire you but you do not have to be limited by them. This blog is a platform for you to engage with your fellow classmates and to express your views. Keep it short and snappy (between 250-300 words), imagine your friends reading your posts—they are your main audience.  Think of it as you having a conversation with your friends on a given topic. Enjoy the conversation. Have fun with the writing process!


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