Nestle Oh Ghana !



Not so good life

I guess life is not so good anymore, as for the tagline says “good food, good life” as for Nestle enslaved child slavery for their chocolate production in a long run. For every festive season, Nestle will come up with their new product for each and every cycle. Although, Nestle is a fast growing company and happens to be one of the largest cocoa company in the world. In which, their cocoa resources are mostly located and purchased in Africa, mainly in the state of Ghana.

The children of Africa, specifically in Ghana mostly were forced into work labor as young 11 years old and sometimes younger. While, the kids in Ghana were suffering from work labor, the kids in Canada were having a good time indulging their sweet treats from time to time.

Most of the children were forced into cocoa beans production. They work in a very harsh condition and a terrible environment. They have to work really hard just so that they can eat and live throughout the day. If they don’t do as they are being told to do so, they will be beaten up or tortured and sometimes, their parents won’t feed them. Some of them have to work up to 12 hours a day extracting the cocoa beans from their pods just to get paid 20 dollars or even less. Sometimes, these children do not even get paid for they are only meant forced to work and work only. They have to work by using sharp tools and machetes, sometimes insecticides. These things leave side effects especially when dealing with chemicals. They start using them as young as 9 years old or even younger.

The State Government of Ghana had made elementary school free for the children to go to school. As an exchange, the government provided groceries for the family to compensate for the child labor which most of them have gotten themselves into. Now, about half of the child labor has diverted their course from waking up for work to waking up for school. Some of them have been in the working industries for quite some time that they have forgotten what it feels like to be a kid again and yet they are still a child without them noticing it.

Oh No, Nestle! You better get a wake-up call before it’s too late. Pity the young children whom has never gotten a taste of a those heavenly chocolate yet they produce chocolates for the children in the world to taste coming from their own blood and sweats. Nestle, you can do better than this. I’m sure that, the Public Relation department of Nestle is able to deal with this matter to give Nestle a good image and the Children of Ghana, better lives.


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